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2003-2006 Archive Holes


There seem to be missing posts from that archive.  Are they lost, or just temporarily not there, or currently being put up, or something else?  I couldn't find any mention of the problem elsewhere....

If you looked at the total at the bottom (95200) and counted up the forum posts, they won't match.

That's because, at one time, G-R had 2 additional forums that were eventually taken down.  Apparently, those posts and forums were never deleted.  Only admins have access to those missing posts.

(I hope that's what you're talking about.  I compared the numbers from each forum to the old Nuke archive after I performed that conversion (which was much earlier than this version, because everything was read-only and there weren't going to be new posts or members) and they matched.)

Probably not good news if that wasn't what I was talking about.  Looking more through the archives, it looks like most of the posts from February 2005 through June 2005 have just vanished.

Well......they must have been gone from the old Nuke platform as well.  I double-checked the counts and they matched the old Nuke platform.

Who knows at this point.  I surely can't get them back.


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