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Technical Support for Next Few Weeks...


Technical support from me may be limited for the next few weeks.  I have been assigned two projects that count for 50% of my grade and I'm going to have one single exam for the other 50% in my Payroll Accounting class.

I've gotta FUTA someone's SUTA (screw up unemployment taxes), commit payroll tax fraud, and get out of the country while leaving as little of a paper trail as I can.  For extra credit, I can choose to go to Nigeria and send phishing emails and lottery schemes and complete the accounting for such operations. :lol:

I'm just joking, of course.  These projects do involve some advanced payroll accounting both manually and via computer software for multiple employees with different pay rates, hourly and salaried employees, different insurance plans, different tax statuses (married or single and number of dependants or exemptions), differing union dues, missed time from work (including salaried employees who have to have pay deducted because of tardiness), and all that good stuff.

In addition, I may have a possible trip to Las Vegas coming up.  I don't know as of yet.  That's why I'm gonna try to take advantage of every minute I can to get this project done before the trip, so I won't have to be in a rush to finish things up (these projects are due the 2nd Wednesday of December....and this possible trip is the weekend before that....and the exam is before the possible trip).

If you post in tech support, please be patient, as I may not be able to get to it as quickly.  If you know the answer to someone's question and it's the right answer, please help out your fellow members and reply with that answer.

Thanks a bunch for your understanding and patience. :-)


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