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Recent (and past) chat actions that need EVERYONE's attention....

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Apparently emails and notifications to members aren't doing the job....

* This "trash-talk-and-then-complain-when-someone-trash-talks-you" thing HAS GOT TO STOP.
* Some of the recent trash talk has gotten a little out of hand.  Please cut it down to small obviously-joking things.
* Contestant bashing (calling them stupid morons, etc.).....cut it out people.
Also, I'm sick and tired of some of the hypocritical people in chat who violate the rules themselves and then go and call out people who've done the same thing.  I'm very close to publicly calling out two particular members here......  I REFUSE to be associated with such actions.

I'm posting this publicly so this does not get swept under the rug by ANYONE, doesn't matter who you are, whether or not you're a close friend of mine, or how well I know you.  I've put up with a lot of crap in both real life and here in the past few days and I'm not in a good mood right now.  I've dealt with sassy customer service reps from the cable company, I've had a friend go back to doing drugs after telling me he had stopped (lied to me) and nearly punched me in the face when I confronted him (and we're no longer friends after that), and I've had some recent actions in chat get my blood boiling as well.

I don't normally get this angry.  It takes quite a bit to get me this angry.  But I'm really angry now.  Clean up your acts people.

This obviously excludes me, because I'm a very friendly person, so I'm innocent.

  Yes, Grand  you are indeed innocent. :) As are as good 85-95% of all the CSS/CHAT folk.. what is coming to a head, even this early in the year is that  a very very very teeny percentage of people, some of which we sadly are disabled of putting on ignore  ---are quite simply  single-handedly wrecking the chatroom/CSS  spirit and vibe for everyone.  Hopefully this call to attention will start to remind ALL of us, not just the innocent, not just the people causing all the trouble.. but ALL of us that we are here for fun and community support of our beloved game show institution.   CSS/TPIR CHAT  is  not some personal therapy to let our real life frustrations ,or to make the chat room some sort of analogous childhood playground where we are going to " get back " at anything and everything we couldn't take revenge on before.   Marc',  Robert, Tom, John  etc etc. 's  very hard work to make this site  as splendid as is it  deserves  infinitely more respect than that.

 Just my 2 cents. :)

it doesnt include me least, i hope not.

Look, everyone knows that I really don't mesh with certain members of this site, and that is a fact.

The fact is that every time I play CSS, I always know that someone else has the best of me.  That's why I have been overbidding a ton this year.  I've been trying to be like other CSS folk in chat, but I guess it's not in the cards for me to do that.  I think we should all just play the game of CSS--not play to win--but play for the satisfaction of knowing that someday in your life, it'll be your turn to "Come on down" to Contestant's Row, meet Drew Carey in person, and win lots of prizes based on the practice we get DAILY from playing the game. 


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