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Recent (and past) chat actions that need EVERYONE's attention....

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I want to apologize to everyone for what happened last Thursday, specifically my end of show "rant". 

First I want to tell you where that came from.  From the moment I logged on that day, it seemed as if it was coming at me fron all directions.  And it wasn't just CSS-related.  And then what really got me fuming was when a new person to the room (or at the least someone I did not recognize) decided to stick a barb in me along with the others.

Now let me be clear that I realize that not everyone was participating in the melee, and I certainly did not mean to forever kill the friendly "I'm gonna git you sucka" CSS ranting.  BRING THAT ON ANYDAY.

I just felt that some people were doing more than that on Thursday and to be honest, I reverted to my childhood and whined and cried.  I should have handled it differently instead of the way I did.

For anyone that I offended, I am truly sorry.


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