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It appears to have been deleted. Searching for all of Robert's posts doesn't bring it up, and David Zinkin has posted about it in the "Behind the Scenes" forum.


--- Quote from: stormy41992 on January 03, 2008, 09:03:04 PM ---i think the link's been removed. im a member on there, but im still getting an error when i bring the link up.

--- End quote ---
Yes, it's been removed.  It should have been deleted earlier, but I was on the road for much of today and did not see the post until tonight.

I have tried, more than once, to get across the point that we at the Game Show Forum are not at war with  This forum focuses on Price while we have a broader scope, and there's plenty of room for both boards.  And now comes a former admin who decides not only to stir that fecal matter up again, but to hurl a bunch of baseless accusations relating to behavior on his part that he admits was "inexcusable"!

No.  No.  A thousand times, no.

I apologize to Marc and the G-R staff for allowing, however inadvertently, our board to be used to attack them.  And as I said on the GSF moments ago, I also apologize to those of you who have enough common sense not to need this refresher course.

 - David (Moderator, Game Show Forum)

There would never have been a without you, Marc.  You've been the face of it since the beginning.  I first learned about this site when I saw you on the E! "True Hollywood Story" of TPIR many years ago.  I really hate to see you resign your administratorship, but I understand your decision.  Though personally, I also hate to take a side in this whole matter, as Searcy has been a friend of mine for a long time.

God bless you, Marc, for all that you've done to make this site what it is, and make me feel welcome for the last several years.  May you have continued success in all of your future endeavours.

I saw the post over at the GSF and almost instantly thought "this ain't gonna come out pretty".  It's a real darn shame that you have to go, Marc.

I'll raise "this stinks" to "this sucks".

I don't know what that other post said, but I don't think I want to know.
Marc, I wish you the best in the future.  The limited time that I have been a member, you have always been nice to everybody that you have been in contact with.
I truely don't understand why you need to resign as an adminstrator, but I respect your final decision.
I am deeply saddened and shocked. will not be the same without you, CSSArtist.


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