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Marc, do not leave becuase of some a**hole and his comments or actions, It is a show people!!! Granted a show we all love to watch and now talk about all the time. I am not going to say I am going to miss you cause I don't want to miss you.

Do not leave, because of someone else and their stupid inane insecurities. BS man, sticks and stones!!! You started this site and have maintained this site, and brought an ENORMOUS amount of fun and opportunity to the site.

And I am sure Searcy is lurking as a guest around here and all I can say is, I had respect for those who contributed to this site, but I loose that respect when another human being takes on the crown of "BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE" We are all garden variety human beings cut from the same cloth, and only one person (being) is more superior than me. I have to answer to no one but him, and one day we all will have to stand before him and answer for our actions!!! So, think about that before you lash out at another!!!

Marc this does not stop here!!!! I am going to a higher authority!!!!

Actually missesjanice, Marc has reconsidered since the last post and is the main moderator again on this site along with John.

Hi TPiR Friends,

I'm still new here and learning, but was sad to hear of Marc's resignation. 

Why is it everyone resigns but the man who should resign?  Drew Carey.

(I've read Marc may have reconsidered.  I hope so.)

TPiR deserves a better host.  I hope CBS reconsiders, too.


You are certainly new here. Read the rules. There is one about bumping up threads that are more than 30 days old. This might be a record. A year and 3 months? wow...Just don't do that. It's frowned upon.

Here's some help:

1) Read the rules:,4.0.html
1a) One of the most important rules is to not bump a thread over 30 days old.  Rule #6.

2. Notice that you are the 3rd person to mention Marc's "leaving" after he rejoined the site.

Notice the post right above yours said " Reply #46 on: March 02, 2008, 04:29:10 PM ".  That's 2008--last year.  I'm curious--did you even look at the date to see how long ago this was?

By the way, welcome to the site!


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