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Rules and Regulations--READ before you post!


Use this section to submit all your links to YouTube videos for anything related to the Price is Right.

There are a few simple rules we ask that you follow:

1.  This is the only section that YouTube videos are to be added to the site without prior Administrative approval.

2.  An accurate description of the file should be in the Subject Line of each post.

3.  Each video shall be posted in its own separate thread.

4.  Videos may be removed at any time if found to be inappropriate.

5.  Users not following these rules are subject to disciplinary action.

6.  ALL videos posted MUST have a direct relation to The Price is Right, the staff, cast, and crew in some fashion.

7.  Use the "YouTube" button found above the smilies and insert the direct link to the video.  There is no need to utilize embedded code.

8.  All comments regarding a topic should be kept in the related thread.  No threads should be started without a video.

9. Check to make sure what you are uploading isn't already here!! Remember, if you think the video is interesting/important enough to post, then it's important enough to make sure it hasn't been uploaded by someone else. Some suggestions on how to do a quick search to make sure can be found in the "How can we prevent duplicates" sticky thread.

10. When posting a video that's not one of your own, please give credit to the original YouTube poster or "owner" of the clip. Doing so allows people to contact the proper person should they have any questions about a video.

11. Please do not quote the person directly above you, especially if you are the first person to respond to a new thread.



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