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Marx Brothers Tribute Showcase - 1974

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I just watched this clip on YouTube and didn't see it posted here.  It's a funny showcase.

It's interesting to note that two years later, the music heard in the background of this showcase would be used as the first think cue for Switcheroo.  It would continue to be used until 1992, when the current music debuted.

Heidi, you beat me to it.  It's a great Showcase to watch.  Guess that piece of pi-ano music is yet another stock cue they had lying around for some time.

heidi did you tape this off gsn or did your fam have a vcr or beta back then?  this is truly a time trip for me, as i don't really remember anything before the green, purple, red, orange walls with the green carpet.  they should do this more nowadays

No, it's not my clip.  Adam Nedeff posted this and other clips on his YouTube account. I don't think he has an account here at


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