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After seeing two requests in this forum, I think it would be a good idea to start this tread in the new forum.  This topic would be a place to request any recap for any version of the series.  Here's what was stated in the previous forum about this topic...

--- Quote ---Y'all having a blast recalling TPiR episodes from years gone by? Perhaps there are 3 or 4 shows you might faintly remember that you'd like someone to post a recap for. That's what this Sticky Thread is for.

In your request be as specific as possible, but keep it brief (Don't flood!). Realize that the ability for anyone to provide a recap of any show is dependent on one or more of the following:

1. They have a tape of the show from some source,
B. They have a written account somewhere, and
III. They have the time to compose the above from same.

1. RECAP REQUESTS ONLY! NO requests for videos, etc. Those are beyond the scope of this forum and will be discarded.
2. Once a recap is posted in response to a request, that post (or relevant portion thereof) will also be discarded.
3. When posting a requested recap, please use BY REQUEST: in the thread title followed by the show date (if known)

BTW: Our ol' pal Scorpz has brief recaps of shows seen during Price Seasons 28 to 31 (before went live) on his website. You may want to check it out.

HELPFUL TIPS FOR RECAPS: If you're working off a oldie taped from GSN, they usually were good to show air and/or tape dates. Note those. If you are working from a recording captured directly from the original CBS airing - Lucky You! - watch the network promos during the breaks. You might be able to pin things down.

Try to give specific makes and models of prizes rather than merely using the generic term like "Rocking Chair" or "Dining Room Group". Also, on all One-Bids avoid the use of the abbreviation "IUFB". Use "Item #n" or just '#n' instead.

Let's get busy...
--- End quote ---

Mods, if you want to sticky this, it's up to you.

NOTE:  Please search the forums still!  You're show may have already been covered!

I remember someone winning $20,000 in the '90s, but that's all I know. Does anyone have a taping of entire episode where there was a highest winning in "$5,000 slot" era? If so, I'm not asking for borrowing a tape. Instead, it's best if we need a text recap. Thanks!

I believe $21,000 was the record. (4 $5,000s, and 1 $1,000)

You're correct.  I believe the episode was from 1996 or sometime around there.

my request is the one where toni wins the porsche


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