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My birthday, November 11, 1991 and any DSW between 87 and 91.

My request is for more pricing game debuts that weren't already recapped.  I also have a request for the recap on my birthday, May 24, 1979 (it was a Thursday, not sure if TPIR aired this day).

tpiradam, I actually do have half of the 11/11/91 episode from GSN. I asked about it on the old board because my tape ran out at the beginning of game #4. The first four contestants were Robert, Mary, Alex and Kelli. The games were Card Game, Now or Then, Race Game, Clock Game, Most Expensive and 5 Price Tags. I don't have my tapes or VCR with me, but this is what I remember.

* The models were wearing pantsuits; Jan and Holly in green and Dian and Kathleen in black.

* Mary, a student at Wisconsin State University, drew almost all face cards in Card Game. She drew an ace and saved it. When she had a bid of $8000, she decided to make the ace $200 and quit with a final bid of $8200. She lost the Volkswagen Fox, which turned out to be a rather cheap $7720.

* Rod called Ronald Campbell before One-Bid #2. Ronald stood up and hesitated for a second before going to contestants' row. When, Bob asked why he hesitated, he explained that his father was Ronald Campbell, Sr. and that he was Ronald Campbell, Jr. Rod said that name on his list said only Ronald Campbell. Bob decied to let Ronald stay. After the item was shown (it was a workbench), Bob pointed out that after all that confusion, Ronald was looking to his father for a bid!

* Robert won a dining group in Now or Then. It was worth $8190, $470 more than the car Mary lost out on. The then date was June 1984.

* Kelli had to be one of the best Race Game players ever. She knew exactly where the prices belonged and didn't look at the audience at all. As a result, she won all 4 prizes in only 13 seconds.

* Kelli won the first showcase showdown with 90 cents. She was runner-up in the showcases and won. I don't remember who her opponent was.

* One-Bid #4 had a perfect bid. The item was a VCR ($600). When the bell rang for the perfect bid, Bob said to Alex, who bid $601: "Alex, I don't have a good feeling that 601 bid!" Alex: "That's including tax." Ronald won.

Hope that helps.

Wow thanks!

Did anyone see the 22nd Season Premiere on the East Coast? If so can you recap it if you have it?


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