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Title: 7885K - 04/14/17 Recap Thread
Post by: Torgo on April 14, 2017, 11:59:15 AM
BARGAIN GAME - W (3:07.12)
CARD GAME - L (4:55.09)
BULLSEYE - W (4:52.84)
MOST EXPENSIVE - L (3:17.78)
HOT SEAT - B ($5,000) (6:54.82)
MONEY GAME - W (3:19.77)
Title: Re: 7885K - 04/14/17 Recap Thread
Post by: JayC on April 14, 2017, 04:27:46 PM
Very easy Bargain Game- even considering the distance between the two locations from LA there was still a huge price drop between the two making it pretty obvious to pick the lower priced trip.

Tough Hot Seat today. The hair dryer and the salt and pepper mills were the only easy ones to get, the other three SPs were toss-ups or different than expected.

The 2nd Showcase was pretty disappointing. I thought they were going to do something revolving around comparing trends in different decades to today, but it was just a TV with speakers and a car with some connection to the show.

Title: Re: 7885K - 04/14/17 Recap Thread
Post by: TPIRFan2000 on April 14, 2017, 04:50:53 PM
The highlight of this show was the fifth one-bid - some great trolling there on Drew's end (with the dings even playing for a second!). Was surprised to see Money Game won too - not the easiest setup, and she didn't play very well either (picked 19 after already having revealed the front).

What is up with this season's overplaying of Card Game? There was absolutely no reason for it to show up today - it had been played in the 2 weeks before and the week after this show by production order. (And if you exclude the 7850s since that "week" only had one show, Card has been played six weeks in a row.) Unlike the 3 car games that tend to be played on a weekly basis, it's not even that quick of a game.