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The TALK Is Right / Re: Lineup Observation from Season 22
« Last post by SteveGavazzi on Today at 12:31:23 AM »
Steve may be able to decipher better than I (or have a better answer!).

I'm pretty sure I can.  I seem to remember puzzling this out years and years ago, so let me see if I can work my way through it again.

A new taping week started with 9104D.  Barker's Beauties Month started with 9111D, and they planned to skip over it, so they did 9104D and 9105D and then jumped ahead all the way to 9151D through 9154D.  Evidently, they'd planned to tape 9155D through 9165D at the following session, but for reasons that I'm assuming are related to the Northridge Earthquake, that got cancelled, and those shows ended up not taping until after all the other ones we're discussing.

Anyway, when they did get back in the studio, they started Barker's Beauties Month.  Each session, they'd tape the five shows for one of the four weeks, and the sixth taping would be an episode for week 917xD (Monday through Thursday).  At least some of the sixth tapings had staffers acting as Barker's Beauties -- I'm not sure what they did on Monday and Tuesday, but they had Sharon Freim on Wednesday and Fingers on Thursday.

After all that was done, they jumped back to the cancelled tapings.  The session after that, they started with 9175D and 9182D and went forward from there.

Finally, there is no 9181D.  As far as I can tell, it was scrapped to make room for 9041D, which I assume was pre-empted by coverage of the earthquake.

Oh, and for all that confusion, they ended up not hiring any of those models, anyway.
Price is Right Video Collection / Re: Dennis James TPIR
« Last post by Briguy on Yesterday at 10:49:03 PM »
I think I found the answer to my question about the Tripod site.

Kings: Henry VIII, Edward Vii, George V
Swing: Clock's pendulum, Baseball batter, Square dance partner, 1940s music
Cats: Sylvester, Heathcliff, Garfield, Morris, Felix
90s: Bill Clinton's presidency, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, 90210, Melrose Place, Ray Romano, Kuwait and Iraq
Dog Breeds: Poodle, St. Bernard, Great Dane, Dalmatian
Tropical: Palm trees, Frozen Drinks, Hurricanes, Caribbean, Hawaii
Zodiac: Aires, Pisces, Cancer, Gemini,
Olympians: Mary Lou Retton, Mark Spitz, Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte, Mitch Gaylord

Total cash won: $117,500 Season Total: $929,000
Both "Mystery 7s" won.
$100,000 drought continues
For "UFO", "Spaceship that people claim to have seen".
For "Brat", "A spoiled kid".
On the July 28th episode: Two male contestants to start. Two female contestants to end. Both Mystery 7 trips won. A $100,000 try.  Unusual. 😊

Very nice $50K win for Matty. And a fantastic clue for Things You Swing to go along with “a baseball bat”: “your square dance partner”. I thought of “a pendulum”.

Another nice $50K win for Chris. With his speed in the Winner’s Circle, I could hardly think of clues during the round. Gotta give props to Rachel Dratch.

“A kid can be a spoiled…”  brat.

I would have said “an OPEN door” right away for Things You Close, along with “a business deal” if needed. Types of Clubs was a bit of a challenge for me; “a private country one” was a great clue there. And I think more variety was needed in the contestant’s list of Famous People (Celebrities); maybe “Michael Strahan”, “George Clooney”, “Brad Pitt”, “Paris Hilton”?

Coming to my mind immediately for Things That Are Romantic were "a candlelight dinner" and "a Beethoven symphony". And I know, not the best clues, but how about adding “radio ones” and “micro ones” for Types of Waves, and “your position” for Things You Defend? Strahan’s "tidal ones" and “your girlfriend’s honor” were excellent.
Price is Right Video Collection / April 29, 1999 (#1104K)
« Last post by mellongraig on Yesterday at 09:06:50 PM »
Hey, who changed sound effects in this episode, when it came to the first contestant going over in the showcase? Doesn't seem right...
Actually one of those episodes was on there as a clip of a certain contestant but it's nice to see these again in full. Looking at the airdates those aired on March 9, 2000, April 26, 1999, and April 28, 1999 respectively (though the origin of those episodes came from the Internet Archive which is still not embedded yet).

Some observations with these episodes:
-For the 3/9/2000 episode, this was the last episode with Check-Out's original set as well as the last time that Kathleen entered in the contestant's guesses on the calculator. It's such a shame that she didn't get to do it with the new set as she was dismissed a few days before.
-On the 4/26/1999 and 4/28/1999 episodes, Chantel was absent likely because of her honeymoon leaving with Janice and Kathleen as the only models present. That also happened on the other episodes of that week as well as April 22 and 23.
The TALK Is Right / Re: Lineup Observation from Season 22
« Last post by ClockGameJohn on Yesterday at 07:37:00 PM »
The game scheduling sheets do have Golden Road originally scheduled on both shows with no apparent substitutions.

However, the planning sheets are completely out of order for 7 weeks of tapings.  My suspicion is that this had something to do with "Barker's Beauties Month," where different models were rotated.

After 9105D, the next taping week scheduled is 9151D; the following week is 9161D, then the weeks go in order of 9111D, 9121D, 9171D, 9131D, 9141D, and 9081D is missing.  Things get back to normal at 9182D and stay in order from there.

If you go by airdate, no. 7975D aired on 3/29/91, and 7872D ultimately aired on 4/1/91. However, its production number seems to correspond with 1/15/91, so some shuffling happened.

I can confirm that 7872D was intended to air on 1/15/91.  4/1/91 is marked with no show; with "Pre-empted shows" listed for 4/1/91 and 4/2/91.

Steve may be able to decipher better than I (or have a better answer!).
Out In Left Field / Re: 2021 Obituaries Thread
« Last post by dagdoggnh on Yesterday at 02:57:54 PM »
Dusty Hill, bassist for ZZ Top, passed away in his sleep overnight last night into today at the age of 72.
Price is Right Video Collection / Re: Dennis James TPIR
« Last post by Briguy on Yesterday at 11:11:54 AM »
These things really don't have set-in-stone airdates, since the 1972-1980 syndicated run was bicycled. Though, since this episode has been posted before, I can say it's show number 091N, taped October 14, 1974.

I'm hoping that eventually someone will have a complete archive of nighttime episodes, even if by show number, listed somewhere, similar to what's seen on Assuming, though, in a market that a new season of episodes began the second weekend of September (with Season 3 starting the week of September 14) and aired in production order, a fair guess would be this show aired the first week of December 1974. Although in some markets, it may have aired a couple of weeks earlier and in others as late as the spring of 1975 ... that's if I'm correct. (Anybody?)

A little off topic: Once upon a time there was a website that had recaps of several fall 1972 Dennis James episodes, along with (rare) episode recaps of many Season 1 episodes. Each had prices listed for Showcase prizes, which made this a really nice reference tool.

I can't seem to find that website now – I think it was a tripod-hosted site(?) – even using the Internet Archive search tool. I guess my question is, is that website still accessible and if so what is the URL?


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