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Title: FPG 3/12/21 - Body ody ody ody of Work Edition (SLEEPER SIX!)
Post by: OneBidTris on March 10, 2021, 11:44:43 PM
I still wish they'd played that song in the promos, but beggars can't be choosers.

Now, this episode is labeled as 9285K, but it taped in line with the shows from this week, so I don't know what group it'll fall in line with. That's why I'm giving you two lineups to work with for this playing. It's just like normal, except you give me two lineups with 12 unique games between them. Play-alongs can be picked for both shows and you still slot and rate them like any other game.

Whichever lineup scores better will be the one that counts, so keep that in mind as you determine which games go in which lineup. Now sit back, relax, and let's see how much or little this show will be catered towards the Grammies!


SPOILERS: No one is slipping anything yet to my knowledge.

1/25/2021 (Monday - 9281K) Bargain/Bonkers/Path/1WP/L7/Bag
1/26/2021 (Tuesday - 9282K) Cover/Math/Grand/Shell/TTM/Side
1/27/2021 (Wednesday - 9283K) Push/Tempt/PaP/ME/Balance/Key
1/28/2021 (Thursday - 9284K) Rent/PaN/Line/S?/Cliff/Money
1/29/2021 (Friday 3/12/2021 - 9285K) And the winner is...

3/8/2021 (Monday - 9341K) L7/Danger/Shell/PaN/Buck/Cross
3/9/2021 (Tuesday - 9342K) Cliff/S?/Gas/Side/Any/Time
3/10/2021 (Wednesday - 9343K) Roll/DP/T2/241/Check/Key
3/11/2021 (Thursday - 9344K) 1WP/Grand/Cover/Math/Bonkers/Rat