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Title: March 11, 1959 (Buzzr episode)
Post by: Ccook on March 03, 2021, 07:04:41 PM
This episode is among a batch of primetime shows from 1959 that Buzzr has been airing and Game Show Network did not when they ran the show.

The evening's sponsors are Dove soap from Lever Brothers and Imperial margarine. Bill prefaces things by relating a bonus a previous champion, a Mrs. Smith won. Her husband was sent to an Army camp where he served K.P. duty for a day. Three photos were displayed showing Mr. Smith being awakened, being trained, and emptying unused portions.

The bargain hunters for tonight:

Raymond Tate, a salesman from Summit N J who won the championship the previous week with $22,062 in merchandise.

Gloria Turnquist is a housewife from Wisetta MN.

Barry Ramer is a medical student from Benton Harbor MI.

Marion Haig is a housewife from Harvard MA.

June Ferguson shows us a year's supply of Dove soap, which all contestants receive. First IUFB: A car, the Ford Consul sedan imported from England. A 3/4-sized car with room for six. Price authority: Fine Cards Inc., New York. Bidding on the Ford Consul at its F.O.B. price, point of entry: New York.

Mr. Hale starts anywhere, no minimums:
(*--frozen bid; last bid buzzer follows)
-------500 -------850 ------1000 ------1100
------1600 ------1700 -----1800 ------1900
-----*1600 ----*1700 -----2000 ------2025
-----*1600 ----*1700 -----2100 ------2225
-----*1600 ----*1700 ----*2300 -----*2350

Actual retail value: $2184 with Mrs. Turnquist the winner.

A commercial for Imperial margarine follows.

Next item up for bids: two French poodles, a black 1-1/2-year-old male and a soft cream-colored 1-year-old female. Dutch cut and AKC registered. Price authority: Chateau Theatrical Animals, New York.

Mrs. Turnquist opens the bidding anywhere, no minimums:
------------ --------25 --------100 -------125
-------150 --------500 --------525 ------535
-----* 150 ------* 500 --------575 ----* 535
-----* 150 ------* 500 ------* 575

Actual retail value: $750, with Mr. Ramer the winner and he hit the bonus bell. For Easter, the two poodles whill be decked out in Easter outfits made for them, and to finish Easter shopping, Mr. Ramer and his wife will be sent to Jordan Marsh department store in Miami, Florida on a pre-paid charge account shopping spree of $2500.

The latest look of the current sweepstakes is shown. The items:
* Edsel Villager station wagon (Edsels did not last long on the show, for obvious reasons)
* Edsel Corsair convertible
* Leather coat
* Polaroid model 800 Land camera
* Fishing rod and reel
* Mink stole (details on where to send postcards were edited out)

Next item: An Oriental chest. An authentic reproduction of a Ming Dynasty chest imported from Hong Kong. It has three drawers, the third of which Toni couldn't open, to the amusement of everyone in the theater. Price authority: Trans-Orient Incorporated, San Francisco.

Mr. Ramer starts and it's a one-bid item:
------------ ------------ -----* 850 -----* 475
------* 925 -----* 926

Actual retail value: $1180, with Mrs. Turnquist the winner and she hit the bonus bell. It seems the reason Toni couldn't open the drawer is because the chest was sent to the show without the key. Mrs. Lundquist can fetch the key herself with her bonus prize, a new airplane. The Piper Caribbean seats four and cruises at 132 MPH.

A commercial for Wisk detergent presented by Bill follows.

Final item: A diamond bracelet. A five-section mounting of platinum with three large marquee diamonds, 12 small marquee diamonds, 52 small baguette diamonds and 258 round diamonds for a total weight of 28.38 karats. Price authority: Johnston Jewelers, Waldorf-Astoria.

Mrs. Haig opens with the opening asked to be at least $2000, minimums at $100:
------------ ------------ ------------ ------2100
------3000 ------4000 ------5000 ------5100
------6000 ------6500 ------7500 -----*5100
---*14000 -----*6500 -----*14100
An audience poll is conducted as to who the winner will be. Consensus says Mrs. Turnquist.
Actual retail value: $7500 with Mrs. Turnquist indeed the winner.

Final scores:
----------0 -------19259 ------2603 ---------0

Mrs. Turnquist wins the championship and returns next week to defend. Mrs. Haig receives a 17-inch Magnavox portable TV. Mr. Hale leaves with $22,062 in winnings. Milton Berle does an audio plug for Kraft Music Hall, which follows on most of these NBC stations.
Title: Re: March 11, 1959 (Buzzr episode)
Post by: Ccook on March 04, 2021, 06:14:06 AM
Error (what else is new?): on the first game for the Ford Consul, Mr. Ramer's bid of 2100 was followed with Mrs. Haig bidding 2125. Mr. Ramer then bid 2200 followed by Mrs. Haig's 2225 and the last bid buzzer. Also, the price authority was Fine Cars Inc., not Cards.
Title: Re: March 11, 1959 (Buzzr episode)
Post by: Ccook on March 04, 2021, 05:23:13 PM
Another error (Ccook, you dummy): Mr. Tate should obviously be in the no. 1 spot on the panel, not Mrs. Haig who is already no. 4.