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Title: Sept. 29 taping- 8:30 AM or 12 PM? Will be staying in Burbank
Post by: pannoni1 on July 20, 2015, 01:07:30 PM
To all Golden-Road fans, while I haven't made the final call yet, I'm excited that hopefully I will be part of my lifelong dream to fly out 3000 miles to see the real deal in just a couple months! I've read some information regarding to how to arrive (at least an hour before scheduled time on the ticket), the process that takes place, and all that. However, the thing is that I'm going out with a family of five in one car, and although there is some transit available near the hotel on San Fernando Blvd. in Burbank, it requires several transfers and would be too practical. There's also the Metrolink/Red Line transfer at Union Station/Beverly Bus at Beverly/Vermont option. That said, if anybody who lives out there could take me and my brother out to the studio via car, that would be welcome. The issue is that if I only have a car, while I wouldn't mind the 8:30AM taping so that I could have the afternoon to continue sightseeing, my mother thinks that its too early and instead would tell me to get the 12:00 tickets, though that means no time for any additional sightseeing. I see via Google traffic that while Olive Ave. down to the Cahuenga Blvd/Highland/ (or to the 101 South to Vine St.) left on Beverly is the shortest surface route. My mom/sister would like to see The Grove, though unfortunately aren't interested in attending the taping with me. First off, anybody here planning to attend a taping that day, and what would be your best bet with regards to arrival?
Title: Re: Sept. 29 taping- 8:30 AM or 12 PM? Will be staying in Burbank
Post by: pannoni1 on July 23, 2015, 08:18:53 AM
I just put in two priority tickets for the 8:30 taping, and I'm so excited to wait all my life for this wonderful experience! Of course, now the next step of course is not just to make it there (at least an hour early is recommended as others have said), but to know what type of interview with the coordinators gives the best impression of being selected! At the very least, look for me in the studio in several months.