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Title: FPG 4/15/22 - RESULTS
Post by: OneBidTris on May 10, 2022, 02:26:41 PM
I'm a little bummed in myself with this week's performance. The only game I had for a win was lost, the template was mostly right with every game getting swapped around, it was a little frustrating. But that's just me, most of you guys did fine.

Check-Out did come up a little soon, but it needed to catch up on some missing playings from earlier in the season, so that's alright. Safe was more of a surprise thanks to that coming up instead of any 1P, but it made for a solid lineup.

Safe Crackers - SANDBAG.
Dice Game - 2 picks. dprice and Wayo each earn 25K.
1/2 Off - 7 picks. Hag, Flerb, Kev, dprice nail it; 22FJB and Wayo max out. dprice gets 4x PA.
Switch? - 8 picks, the most common game. Wayo, Kev, Punchy, 04, and FJB all nailed it. Wayo and Kev get 4x PA.
Check-Out - SANDBAG.
Any Number - 6 picks. Everyone gets 1 MP for it, 1X PA for me, JJ, and 22FJB.

dprice and 22FJB tried, but neither of them could keep up with Wayo, who goes runner-runner with 9/46 and the gold. 22FJB might've had the win if Any had been won, but he'll have to settle for 2nd with 9/36. And dprice started out toe-to-toe with Wayo before Switch and might have had his win with a Switch loss, but still, 3rd with 8/34 is pretty solid.

It was from our winning week too, so the pot was pretty hefty for this week's showing.

Come back next time for more words and more telepathy (though maybe not at the same time). See you all then.