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Title: FPG Scrimmage 6/4/21 - I Just Came Here to Potty Edition
Post by: OneBidTris on June 03, 2021, 11:20:21 AM
We interrupt this playoff season to give you a breather of a week. Yes, due to some spoilers that may or may not show up tomorrow, we are considering this a scrimmage, a "for funsies" game, something where everyone is eligible to win. Though the stakes may not be that high, it still is a good way to keep those predicting muscles limber. Think about your options and see how you do, not much more to it than that. Good luck and I will see you back here tomorrow.


SPOILERS: Two potential ones for tomorrow. In the usual spot.

5/31/2021 (Monday - 9461K) ME/Bonkers/Buck/DP/Bonus/10C
6/1/2021 (Tuesday - 9462K) Bull/L7/Math/Any/Seat/Push
6/2/2021 (Wednesday - 9463K) TTM/Clock/HL/DX/Side/Path
6/3/2021 (Thursday - 9464K) Bargain/OA/Plinko/Freeze/1WP/Stack
6/4/2021 (Friday - 9465K) Will your lineup be spotless or spotty?