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FAQ update
« on: April 18, 2007, 11:45:32 PM »
Some of you might have already noticed this, but in the timeline, every year from Season 27 onward now has a link to a calendar with all of that season's pricing game lineups, organized according to episodes' original intended airdates.  I couldn't get them to look the way I wanted them to in the FAQ software, so I asked Scorpz to host them, and he gave me permission to link to them.

We've agreed to update the Season 35 calendar twice a week -- once on Thursday so that people can use it for the FPG, and again on Friday to add the week's final lineup.

I'm actually working (although very slowly) in conjunction with Joe Capitano, JT, and Temptation1979ga to take these calendars back considerably farther into the show's history...between us, I might be able to get them made for as far back as Season 6 (although going farther back than about 17 or 18 would require finding some papers in one of their houses that no one knows the location of right now, so don't hold your breath).

I've also got the thank MSTieScott...he's the one who actually wrote the HTML code that I used to build these calendars.  Without him, this never would have even gotten started.

I encourage anyone who wants to to copy the source code for the calendars.  There's really no good reason for any of you not to have them stored on your computers if you want them.
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