Author Topic: WPG Scrimmage 3/17/21 - RESULTS  (Read 963 times)

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WPG Scrimmage 3/17/21 - RESULTS
« on: April 08, 2021, 01:46:54 AM »
I have to admit, part of the reason why I hadn't posted results for this show was because I never got to watch it. I still haven't been able to watch it, but it seems like luck was there for a couple people on the show. Not so much for those playing though, since only 1 person got more than one game right and one person even predicted a result and/or slotting right.

Vend, More or Less, 1/2 Off were Sandbags.
1 person guessed Do the Math, 2 got Card Game, 3 picked Range Game.
Kev nailed Card Game 2nd.

With low results like that, maybe it's a good thing this was only for $100K. Kev wins with a paltry 4/4, but a win's a win. Back to your regularly scheduled games, even though this came well after we started back with the regular games again.