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FPG 12/10/21 - RESULTS
« on: October 02, 2022, 10:43:26 AM »
So, the spoiled game in question was 1 Right Price and it was just a generic "Here's a price, which item does it goes with?" post. Results were not significantly different whether or not 1RP was given a 1. I really don't remember too much else about these games besides being pleasantly surprised that they've embraced Swap Meet first. I know that I was wondering where Back to '72 was, even with the weird airing schedule early on in the season. Though that doesn't explain Squeeze 4 weeks in a row. Anyway, here is the rundown.

Swap Meet - 2 picks. Nate and Wayo get 25K, Wayo also gets 4 MP.
Money Game - 4 picks. 10K goes to Wayo, Hag, JJ and Flerb. Wayo nailed it, Flerb and JJ get 2x PA.
Hi Lo - Cephas was the only pick and that's good for 50K and 2/8.
1 Right Price - 11 picks. 123, dprice, Kev nailed it. Jarod and 22FJB gets 2x PA.
Pathfinder - 4 picks. Flerb, dprice and 04 nailed it, Kev gets 2x PA.
Squeeze Play - Nate and 123 earn 25K for that pick.

Our top 3 remain the same as well. Wayo started off strong and never looked back, going runner-runner with the first two games and finishing out with 10/42. Flerb and dprice also remain second and third, even with the close difference. They both had 8MP, 32 and 28 CP. I'll post both totals but know that the totals that have money with them are the ones that count.

Another one down.