Author Topic: It's 2 Announcements for the Price of 1!  (Read 11792 times)

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It's 2 Announcements for the Price of 1!
« on: April 08, 2008, 04:44:27 AM »
A rare double-feature announcement from your humble admin!

First, on a personal note, many of you were with me right here on this very site about four years ago when I announced that I would be relocating from the warmth of south Florida to the four seasons of northeast Oklahoma.  The move came as a complete shock to me and about 80 coworkers...but truth be told, I do not believe that there is a single one of us that regrets making the move to this truly up-and-coming area of the country.

Well, those of you who follow along with the business section may know that my employer of over nine years, Vanguard Car Rental (parent company of Alamo Rent A Car and National Car Rental), was recently acquired by Enterprise Rent-A-Car, the largest car rental company in North America.  There was a renewed energy at my workplace after the August 1st acquisition...yet at the same time a number of question marks as we all wondered in what direction Enterprise would want to take this newly-created giant in the travel industry.  Well for me, those question marks recently became exclamation points, as last Friday I accepted an offer to relocate to Enterprise's corporate headquarters in St. Louis to be part of their Financial Planning and Forecasting team.  St. Louis is a city that I'm hearing nothing but great things about, and knowing that I'm going to work for the number one car rental company in the country only further enhances the excitement.  I'll keep everyone posted as I get closer to the move date this summer.

And that early August move date allows me to transition into my second announcement...I'm pressed for time!  I have roughly 14 weeks to "pretty up" my house, sell it, and use the proceeds as a down payment on a home in the St. Louis area.  Obviously the time that I can devote to this site and all of you is going to be at a low over the next few months, and with this change in my life comes the opportunity do something that John and I have been discussing for several months now...

Please join me in congratulating two senior members in their promotions to general moderators:  PriceFanArmadillo and temptation1979ga.

A.J. Newhausen, or PriceFanArmadillo as he is known in these parts, is 22 years old and logs in from Stillman Valley, Illinois.  A recent graduate of the University of Illinois, A.J. currently works in the data entry world...and while he enters his data his mind is spinning as he dreams up a way to get Stan to put his name on the magical list.  A.J. has been to a total of nine TPiR tapings...and he has seen the best of both worlds...a little Bob and a little Drew.  A game show fan as long as he can remember, A.J. loves some TPiR classics (Bump and Super Saver), but is also fond of some of the more recent TPiR happenings that are becoming traditions right before our very eyes (Alakazam!).

Carlos Arnold, aka temptation1979ga, is 28 years old and is currently living in Gordon, GA.  Carlos is currently working on his Masters' degree in Business Administration.  When not busy with schoolwork, Carlos enjoys classic TV shows, especially game shows, and especially The Price is Right!  Carlos has been taping TPiR since 1992, and all of us here on have been lucky enough to have a chance to delve into Carlos' collection through the powers of youtube and the Video Vault that he currently manages for us.  When a free moment presents itself, Carlos enjoys staying fit on the treadmill, basketball, shopping, and hanging out with his friends and family in Atlanta.

Again, a huge congratulations and thank you to Carlos and A.J., I know that both will make a positive impact here at  As for me, I'll see you at the end of the Golden Road somewhere, someday.